Dr. / Ph.D Thesis

Read our recommendations for writing your Ph.D. thesis before ordering to get the best result:

  • Format: Write your thesis in A4 (210×297) or 170×240 mm. All Dr./Ph.D. theses are printed in 170×240 mm, so if you write in A4, the PDF will be downscaled to about 80%.
  • Margins: We recommend minimum margin width of 2 cm (0.8”) on the top and sides, and 2.5 cm (1”) on the bottom. The page numbers are placed underneath the margin.
  • Font size: Use font size 12 for A4 format, and font size 11 for 170×240 mm.
  • Page numbers: The page numbers should be either centered or side aligned (right align odd page numbers, and left align even page numbers)
  • Division of sections: Chapters, table of contents, foreword etc. should be placed on odd pages (right pages) in the book.
  • Text: Proofread your thesis before ordering. This includes looking at grammar, organization, visuals, etc. Fewer changes during production means shorter delivery time.
  • Visuals: Pictures should not have quality lower than 72 dpi.
  • Vector graphics: We recommend creating png or jpg-files of your vector graphics. Border widths, color codes, and transparent colors can look different on print, and can lead to a disappointing result.
  • Dots and lines: Lines and dots (e.g. figures) should be at minimum 0.5 pt thick.

For detailed information, click here

What you should have when ordering:

  • All files needed to print the thesis
  • ISBN numbers – you get this from the department office
  • Number of copies/books (circulation).
  • Check the correct shipping address on the main circulation and note in the commentfield if there is a different shipping address to the sample print.

You will specify the entire order online. Covers and title pages will be created automatically when you enter the required information. This will follow UiT’s graphic profile on Dr./Ph.D. theses. You are responsible for proofreading when ordering. Within 2-3 days you will receive a sample print for approval before the entire order goes into production.

You will get the password to order online from the department office or by contacting us at support@skipnes.no. Include full name and institution in the email.